We Need a New Name

Friends and acquaintances keep asking me, “What’s that new graphic whatchamacallit thing you’re doing?”

It gives me lots of practice with my elevator speech. So here it goes:

It’s called graphic recording. What I do is attend a meeting or brainstorming session and capture the content in words and pictures on large sheets of paper.

“That sounds cool,” they say. “Graphic, er, what’s it called again?”


Sometimes I wish graphic recording had a more memorable name. Like Zap Doodling or Superfly Sketching. It’s sometimes called scribing or visual note taking or graphic facilitation but those aren’t exactly dynamic names either. My friend Nettie suggests I call my version Live Dangle-tooning which is pretty good, but I’m afraid the serious purpose of the activity would be lost with something as silly-sounding as that. People love graphic recording they just can’t remember what it’s called.

The other response I get from people who know me, when they find out that I draw during meetings and conferences is, “Oh so you do exactly what you’d be doing anyway.” That’s true, I almost always have a sketchbook with me– especially at conferences– and I’m always Zap Doodling the content.

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