Graphic Recording/ Graphic Facilitation/ Scribing

I will attend your meeting, conference, or ideation session and capture what is discussed in words and pictures with markers on large, panoramic charts. I set up wherever in the room you would like me to be, usually off to one side, and work silently while the participants do the talking. If you want to go high-tech I can record on an iPad and have it projected onto a screen. I do not facilitate the meeting but rather work as a partner with the meeting facilitator to help the group meet its objectives.

The Benefits of Engaging the Services of a Graphic Recorder

  • A graphic recorder’s presence in the room immediately lets participants know that creative thinking is valued.
  • Graphic recording engages our primary receptors–our eyes–and helps people retain information much better than they would from written or spoken words, or their own notes.
  • Graphic recording fosters greater participation from attendees.
  • A dynamic visual record of the meeting is created that can be shared digitally with participants and others after the event.

Comics and Illustration

For 20 years clients have been hiring me to draw comics and illustrations for their publications, communications, and products. I will create comics and illustrations for you on assignment. Contact me, I’d love to hear about your project, and I’d be happy to give you a quote.

Video Projects

I make animated and stop-motion videos in collaboration with animators, editors, and videographers. I can work with you to develop all aspects of the video, from script to storyboard to final art. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your project. (See my related blog post: Five Rules for Any Company that wants to make an RSA-style Video.)



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