Recent Project: ADP Payroll Plus

Here’s a project I just finished with my colleagues at Alphachimp Studio. It’s an example of some simple animation done on the iPad. The client loved it and are prominently showing it on their ADP Dealer Services website.

Client: ADP Dealer Services
Produced by Alphachimp Studio
Project manager: Patricia Fonner
Editor: Scott Mumford

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Welcome to my new website! As you can see it’s a very slick WordPress site with lots of bells and whistles. I have enlisted my talented wife, Hae Yuon Kim, to apply her brilliance to the technical as well as aesthetic aspects. She has gone very deeply into the CSS, the HTML 5, the themes, the templates. Please bear with us while we make it perfect. One thing I know, the site will now work on your mobile device, unlike the old one which left many a potential client standing in the street staring at their blank telephone screen. So if you’re visiting us from your iPad, hooray!

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