Clients and project partners look to Lloyd Dangle for humor, innovation, bold colors, dynamic characters, and engaging designs.

Lloyd Dangle has been writing and drawing comics and illustrations for over 20 years for a wide range of editorial, advertising, licensing, and corporate clients.

Lloyd’s interest in innovation, visual problem solving, and observational sketching led him to also offer his services for corporate brainstorming sessions, meetings, and conferences, and he now has a thriving practice in graphic recording and making stop-motion and animated videos.


Lloyd Dangle grew up in Michigan and after attending the University of Michigan School of Art, tossed aside his BFA to draw cartoons for Michael Moore’s muckraking newspaper The Michigan Voice.

He is writer, designer, and artist whose works have appeared in over 100 magazines and newspapers of every type, from the crusty corporate mainstream to the altruistic not-for-profit, to the loftiest academic journals, to the bleeding subcommercial gutter. He is now universally regarded as a marketing genius for his branding of Airborne, the world’s number one cold remedy and one of the fastest selling products in retail history (according to Airborne).

His weekly comic strip Troubletown was first published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 1988 and grew to become a widely syndicated cartoon feature in alternative newsweeklies and lefty political magazines until he retired it in 2011. He has published several books and exhibited his work internationally.


For the nitty gritty, see Dangle’s Artist’s Resume.

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