New Project: If Paychecks Could Talk

Here’s a video I just finished for the National Priorities Project! The genius who did the animation is Jo Rivers.

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Graphic Recording on the iPad

When I got my iPad I thought it was going to be a tiny computer that I could carry with me and type on and do all the same stuff I would do on a laptop, but it’s a whole different thing. My son immediately grabbed it and started amassing video games. At dinner I used it in the kitchen to look up recipes. But I was a little disappointed in my new toy. It didn’t do much other than provide entertainment. That was until I got turned onto the drawing apps and began to see its value for visual note taking, graphic recording, and animation.

I fell in love with the apps, Brushes, Sketchbook Pro, Flipboom, and Neu Notes. I bought about ten others for drawing and animation but can’t recommend any of them.

With the iPad it’s possible to sit in on a conference or meeting and visually record it on your lap. A wireless connection beams the drawing in real time to a projector and the audience can watch it unfold on the screen. I’ve only heard of colleagues doing it so far, I haven’t been called on to do it myself. But I’m practicing drawing on the iPad constantly so I’ll be ready.

Here are some iPad recordings I did for practice at my son’s Cuong Nhu martial arts class.

Cuong Nhu graphic recording by Lloyd Dangle

Cuong Nhu 3

Cuong Nhu 4

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